Welcome to the Online Safe House

Right now, right at this minute, there is a lot of talk about bullying, online safety, our children, our seniors, and ourselves.

Right now, right at this minute, people are focusing on those who have been or are being victimized by bullying.

The time may come when these things are not so. The Online Safe House will not wax and wane with the ebb of the media tide. The goal of this site will be, per the name, to create a community online that offers information, links to other resources, comfort, and a sense of security. Together with our Twitter chat, called #SMSafety, this blog will aspire to be an online version of a safe shelter, no matter who you are or why you need help.

This blog is just a first step. But it’s an important step. This is where we will gather. This is where we will plan what comes next.

This issue will not go away. Not here. Not ever.


2 responses to “Welcome to the Online Safe House

  1. Excellent, and thank you Margie for creating this site. People are asking where they can go, and they are starting to join the conversation. May this resource give those who are bullied hope and those who are bullies pause and an inspiration to change their ways.

  2. Thanks so much, Kat. I really appreciate all of your great support!

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