Chat round-up

Since not everyone who comes here will be participating in our weekly Twitter chats, I thought it would be a good idea to start giving brief reviews of what we talk about so that you can join in over here!

Last night, the main question was, “why does this matter to you?” The question came to mind because I think sometimes people express interest in topics while those topics are getting a lot of attention. I sense that that is not the case with this issue, but I still wanted to learn where people are coming from.

It’s probably not altogether surprising that most of the chat participants indicated a worry for children, either their own or other peoples’. We also pondered whether the bullying and scamming that senior citizens are enduring online is being covered enough.

Many feel that online bullying is a bit harder to control than “real life” bullying just because it’s harder to keep control of online communication. In real life, it’s easy to see when someone is throwing punches. What constitutes online bullying? Many people are hesitant to jump in and point the finger, not only because context is hard to grasp online, but also because trying to stop bullying can actually turn the attention back to you.

It seems many agree that community is an integral part of dealing with this issue. More than just making victims know that they are protected and have supporters, we discussed the fact that many times bullies are people who have at one time been bullied themselves. We need to try to reach out to these folks and see if we can steer them into a different direction.

There was general agreement that a Facebook page would be helpful – I’ll be trying to get that up this weekend. We also discussed changing the name of the Twitter chat. Right now it’s called #SMSafety,but that doesn’t have much in common with the name of this site. If you have ideas for a good Twitter hashtag, let me know. I’ll be posting a poll with some options in the next few days.

What are your thoughts about these issues? Join the conversation!

Image by Kriss Szkurlatowski.


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