Our Chat Name

There has been some conversation about whether or not #SMSafety is the best name for our chat on Twitter, so I thought I would let the community decide. These have all been checked and there is no current hashtag activity for them. I’ll be taking votes till Wednesday at 5 PM EST. Just post the number you like in the comment section. Thanks for your help!

1. SMSafety (current name)

2. SMSafeHouse

3. SMAntiBully

4. EndToBullying

5. BullyNoLoveYes

6. AntiBullyProLove

7. 1IsTooMany

8. HopeOnline

9. OnlineSafetyChat

10. SafeWebChat


8 responses to “Our Chat Name

  1. Stick with SMSafety It make’s sense…it has value, and it’s got ties to the community.

  2. Agree w/Chase Adams. SMSafety. Simple. And shorter than others allowing for easier Tweeting / better use of the 140.

  3. I don’t think SMSafety is really an accurate depiction of the topic. The topic is cyberbullying. SMSafety makes me think of online security, privacy, predators, etc. To me, cyber bullies really isn’t very closely related to safety.

  4. I had voted via Twitter yesterday, but wanted to add my 2 cents here too:

    I vote for SMSafety also. It’s descriptive, and ties “Social Media” with the “Safety” intent very well!
    I din’t want to go with anything that has the word “House” on it, because it would sound too much like a house for abuse or pregnant woman – besides it leads to believe we actually house people that are bullied.

    I think the name should reflect something ‘positive’ such as “iMatter” because you want to create self esteem, confidence, etc. However, SMSafety clearly describes what the group is about or what we promote! you’ve been using it for a little while, and it has a bit of Brand already! Let’s keep it!

  5. I either stick with the original name (although I do think it’s a little too generic), or #2 – smAntiBully

    I also like smBullyBan 😀 but it’s not on the list.

  6. Have to agree with pre-branded SMSafety – It’s broad enough that it can cover a variety of specialized topics yet focused enough to immediately convey it’s intent. The only other one I would consider is SafetyOnline (OnlineSafeHouse is tempting but too long!).

  7. I like the original, but as plan z how abt #NoBullies or #StopBullies. I have no idea if these taken, but fits with the approach.

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