Chat Round Up, November 10, 2010

Last night we had an information-packed chat thanks to Danny Brown and Safety Web, a company that manufactures software (and most recently a Facebook application) to help parents keep their kids safe online.

Some key take-aways were that it’s important to differentiate between monitoring and spying. While we all want to keep our kids safe, we also can’t deny the fact that kids do have their own lives. The positive aspect of Social Media is also what can make it dangerous. Kids who might not have a lot of friends at school could reach out to online people and make meaningful connections. It’s how we educate our kids to empower themselves that could truly make the difference.

A wealth of information was provided by Danny and the Safety Web folks, so rather than going on and on, I thought I would round up as many of those links as possible. These will be added to our Resource Center soon!

Danny Brown’s post about Safety Web’s App, Find Help (for Facebook)

Safety Web’s own resource-rich website

Is your kid giving out too much information on Facebook? (Very important topic!)

Are you aware of your digital dossier? Something to consider for parents developing “brands” for their children too. isn’t often thought of as Social Media, but this security breach suggests we need to be very careful over there.

Safety Web featured on NBC Tampa Bay (good way to learn more!)

Danny Brown also told us about the Little Eye iPhone App (worth checking out!)

An overview from Norton on safety for seniors (we need to shine more light on this topic!)

A post by Mr. Brown on virtual stalking. He noted the comments he got were quite eye-opening.

Tips from the Washington Attorney General for Seniors keeping safe online

Let me know if I missed any links. As you can tell, the information was flying!

Huge buckets of gratitude, again, to Danny Brown, Safety Web, and all of our great participants!

Image by Kriss Szkurlatowski.


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