You have a decision to make

One of the big topics that came out of our chat last night was whether we should train kids from an early age to fight back when they are bullied. Fighting back can be words. Fighting back can be punches.

Does fighting back empower us, or does it merely take us down to the level of the people who are making us feel bad? Is it feeding the fire by telling them “Yes, you are having an impact on me.”

When I was a kid, I very seldom fought back for myself. However, if I saw that a friend of mine was being bullied, I would turn green and become The Incredible Hulk. Well, not really, but I would step in and try to intervene. Did that make things worse for my friend because I was “feeding the trolls?” Did it help?

Where do you fall in this spectrum of decisions? Do you fight back? Do you just walk away? Why do you choose the way that you do?


Image by Maria Li.


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