Bullying: From a Kid’s Perspective

In the simplest terms, bullying hurts.  A lot.  So much, sometimes, people even commit suicide.  That’s seriously messed up.  Why do people put others down?  They do it so that they feel better about themselves.  They’re so insecure; they need a human punching bag.

Everyone’s been a Bully Before

Let’s face it.  We’ve all bullied someone at least once.  A good portion of people, however, are generally nice human beings.  Thank God for that.  Unfortunately, some people bully others on a daily basis.  That’s not good.  Whether it’s socking a guy in the face and constantly beating the poor kid up, calling someone fat and ugly or just sitting in silence while someone bullies a guy, it’s all bullying.

On the Other Hand, We’ve all been Bullied

We’ve all been bullied.  No questions asked.  People can’t remember who their 5th grade teacher was, but they can spot that one person who bullied them for years in a crowd of 1,000.  You remember their voice, their facial expression, where you were, everything.  Just as if it happened 20 minutes ago.  It’s that bad.

Bullying Destroys Friendships

I remember last year when I was in 4th grade, my class had serious gossiping issues.  It was crazy.  It was Friday, March 13th, 2010. I was wearing jeans and a purple cardigan.  I suggested we play telephone, and I had the idea of changing the sentence completely. When we were done, I had told some of my friends what I had done.  Well, “Snickers” came up in my face and just screamed a bunch of stuff at me.  I ran home crying and sniffling.  I told my mom what had happened, then my dad got home early, I told him, then my best friend “Skittles” called.  I told her what had happened.  See, Snickers, Skittles and I had all been the biggest buds in my class.  Snickers and I had been having some crazy friendship issues.  Skittles invited me over, (it turns out that we had a sleepover) and we declared the next morning Friendship Day.  The same thing happened again, only we were in class at our desks. I don’t remember the exact date, but was I wearing green khaki cargo pants and a dog t-shirt.  Snickers said something to me and I held back tears.  My other 2 friends, “Butterfinger” and “M&M” tried to help me pull it together.  M&M was pretending to take notes.  I just smiled at them and told them to shut it.  They smiled back and offered some reassuring words.  Skittles had also seen me in the bathroom trying to get a grip.  She asked what was going on, too.  I said I’d tell her later and that was that.  Skittles and Snickers also had some rough spots not too long after me.  All 3 of us managed to mend our friendship, but it definitely wonít be the same ever again.

The Bottom Line

Try to be positive to others.  Remember, bullying can destroy a friendship!  Also remember that if you pick on people enough, you’re gonna end up friendless, not to mention the fact that you’ll feel awful and regret everything you said/did.  So, go world peace and no more bullying!!

By Kitkat Sweet, an amazing ten-year-old who wants to help us put an end to bullying. Thank you, KitKat!


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