If you are looking for information, experts who can answer your questions, or information you can share with someone you care about, these resources should be a great starting point for you. We’re always adding more, so if you have something to add, let us know!

Suicide and Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resource Center The Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) provides prevention support, training, and materials to strengthen suicide prevention efforts. Among the resources found on its website is the SPRC Library Catalog, a searchable database containing a wealth of information on suicide and suicide prevention, including publications, peer-reviewed research studies, curricula, and web-based resources. Many of these items are available online.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC), located at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a valuable source of information and statistics about suicide, suicide risk, and suicide prevention. To locate information on suicide and suicide prevention, scroll down the left-hand navigation bar on the NCIPC website and click on  “Suicide” under the “Violence” heading.

Suicide Prevention Action Network USA Suicide Prevention Action Network USA (SPAN USA) is the nation’s only suicide prevention organization dedicated to leveraging grassroots support among suicide survivors (those who have lost a loved one to suicide) and others to advance public policies that help prevent suicide. isn’t often thought of as Social Media, but this security breach suggests we need to be very careful over there.

Safety Web featured on NBC Tampa Bay (good way to learn more!)

Danny Brown also told us about the Little Eye iPhone App (worth checking out!)

An overview from Norton on safety for seniors (we need to shine more light on this topic!)

A post by Mr. Brown on virtual stalking. He noted the comments he got were quite eye-opening.

Tips from the Washington Attorney General for Seniors keeping safe online

Resources for Teens

National Institute of Mental Health is a Federal research agency. Its website features several publications for teens on suicide and depression, for example:

Facts for Teens: Teen Suicide

What to Do When a Friend Is Depressed-Guide for Students

Let’s Talk About Depression

TeensHealth Answers & Advice offers information for teens on physical and emotional health, food and fitness, and other issues. Information on suicide can be found there. TeensHealth is produced by the Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media.

* Click here to read or print out the 32-page guide (PDF).

* Click here for an at-a-glance chart with our recommended privacy settings for teens – checkbox by checkbox.

Danny Brown wrote a blog about why “Find Help” on Facebook is important

Teens and Social Media Bullying – Why Find Help App is So Important

Go to Google and type in anything about teen bullying and social media and you’ll find no end of results of tragic stories.

From “normal” school bullying (though there’s nothing normal about any kind of bullying) to being harassed for your sexuality, the ability to easily bully teens online seems to be at an all-time high.

Which is why a new Facebook app from SafetyWeb could be a key tool in combating the issue.

Find Help on Facebook

Conceived by leading web-based monitoring company SafetyWeb, the Find Help app makes it incredibly easy for teens to connect with the right channels for their immediate needs.

By installing the app on Facebook, any teen can report abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and other issues directly to Facebook officials.


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